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Yachts for sale


White Whale Yachtbrokers does more than bring together boat sellers and buyers. We manage the entire selling process, including the legal documentation and supervising the transfer of often substantial sums. Professionalism is our key attribute and we make sure that our code of practice exists for your total protection, and reflects our many years of experience in brokerage. With multiple offices all through Europe we know and understand the international market. Our offices are all independant companies, working under the name of White Whale Yachtbrokers. We not only share our marketing for extra power, but also our international expertise and our local market knowledge, 100% for the benefit of both buyers and sellers all through Europe.

Professional Know-How

All White Whale Yachtbrokers will understand the principals of the brokerage profession, such as certificates of ownership, security agreements, bills of sale and other documents needed to register and transfer titles to boats. They will understand maritime and admiralty liens for the type of vessels they represent, as well as mortgaging and transferring title to documented vessels. They possess a sound knowledge of agency contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements and escrowed accounts to safeguard funds.

The Art of Negotiating

The broker can use his position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between buyer and seller moving to a successful conclusion. We have done our job if both seller and buyer have a right feeling about a transaction.

Sea Trial and Survey

The buyer will usually request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. The buyer pay for the survey and for hauling the boat out of the water for inspection. Your yacht broker will usually attend the sea trial and marine survey and help you determine how any discovered deficiencies should be addressed in the purchase negotiations. Once the complete transaction is ready, the yacht will be delivered to the new owner with signing a Deed of Transfer. Only then the seller gets his money. After that, White Whale often helps the buyer with preparing the boat for a journey or trip over the road. We have the right connections and know-how to give the new owner the right start he/she is looking for.

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